The possible incorporations of FC Barcelona for 2018

First of all, Barcelona in this first transfer period has not been able to carry out weight incorporations as had been thought. Likewise came the disgust of a good part of the hobby for hiring by a team which had a large window to buy. You can now enter to buy tickets online

Thanks to the large sum that he acquired due to the sale of Neymar Jr. to Paris Saint Germain, the al-as well as money also had tactical consequences, such as the vacuum for the band.

Despite not having met the expectations in terms of transfers Barcelona has not disappointed in terms of results, qualifying Champions with good results and a good lead by leading La Liga, their results are encouraging to win more than one title this season.

Likewise, the great signatures spoken online and by most social networks may end up not coming if there is no exit in this period. Despite all the Barcelona does not reject the idea of ​​buying players in winter.

Intact hopes

Because of a bad campaign by his team, the most sought-after and closest to the club name is that of the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho, which could not be carried out as expected in this past period. even so the club has not lost hope for a great player of Liverpool which has shown its quality in their league and the same is expected in this.

In the same way the Brazilian is the most beloved by the club, having made his most expensive historical purchase this winter, the Catalan club will look for an ideal price for the Brazilian.

In the same way it is well known that if this purchase is made, Countinho will be ranked as the 5th Brazilian in the list of the 12 most expensive signings in Barcelona and surely as the most expensive of this nationality.

The list grows

The arrival of new signings this 2018 would help to reinforce the great moment that crosses the club, between other names that also circulate are the one of Di María, Goretzka, Özil and one that also is near like the one of Yerry Mina. The Colombian so far is the only one who already expressed his desire to play for the club.

However, another of the players of the English league is also part of the names that Barcelona wants in their ranks, coming from Southampton despite having many clubs interested in Van Dijk has proved to be one of the important names in his club.

The past in the future

However, just as there are fans who still demand a mega purchase or a player of excellent quality, there are those who still hope that the solution is not the purchase; others feel that the answer is in the past.

Barcelona has been known historically as a team of quarry, which is resolved and seeks the answer itself, not making a mega purchase if not inspiring young people to play at the best level, do not stop buying tickets online

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