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The shield

It is the shield of the city of Barcelona, ​​interlaced with four rooms. Up there was a crown and a bat, and it was surrounded by two branches, one of laurel and the other of palm. It was a way of expressing, from the very beginning, the link between the club and the city where he was born. This shield was in force until 1910.

Since 1910, the changes introduced in the shield have been minimal, most of an aesthetic nature, with small changes in the outline of its profile. The most important are those that had to be done due to political conditions. With the establishment of the Franco regime, the initials F.C.B. they were replaced by C.F.B., in keeping with the Castilianization of the club’s name. The dictatorship also forced the replacement of the four bars of the upper room, which were limited to two, and the Catalan flag was eliminated from the shield.

Now it is a shield shaped like a pot divided into three barracks. In the two superiors, Top left: the Catalonia / Barcelona flag is reproduced vertically. Top right the Cross of Saint George, patron of Barcelona, ​​is also included in the flag of the city and the Catalan flag.

In the lower quarter a ball appears on the blue and red colors of the club. In the center of the shield, in a strip, appear the initials of the club, «F.C.B.». that maintained in the upper rooms the Creu de Sant Jordi and the four bars, representative elements of Barcelona and Catalonia, respectively.

In the center of the shield, in a strip, appear the initials of the club, F.C.B., and in the inferior part the colors blue and grana with a soccer ball. In short, a shield that reflects the sports dimension and the club’s link to the city and the country.

The cross of St. George

The presence of a cross on the Barcelona shield is, as we say, reminiscent of the same presence on the coat of arms of the city of Barcelona, ​​red on a white background, it is a heraldic element of great importance, also present, for example on the flag of England, and of the United Kingdom.

Ten changes

It should be noted that the coat of origin is the one we know today, during its history has suffered several changes imposed by the regime of General Franco. These modifications were the alteration of the order of the abbreviations of the Club, having to be called Barcelona Football Club.

And the suppression of Catalan signs, specifically the Senyera, to which he had to suppress two bars and for different reasons the shield has suffered up to ten changes from 1899 to 2002.

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