Match between FC Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao



In the match witnessed between these two rivals, it is necessary to mention that Barcelona is still not defeated by the Liga, maintaining the leadership after beating Athletic Bilbao with suffering. It is also one of the teams that have led throughout history and will continue to give us surprises if you really are a football lover you must buy your tickets online and enjoy these games.

According to the aforementioned in the course of the game, it can be mentioned that those led by Valverde were unknown in the midfield and cost them creating chances of danger. In the same way, Los de Ziganda sought, again and again, the rival goal, but they got a Ter Stegen that avoided three goals sung.


Goals executed

Definitely the fans looked forward to a goal by Argentine Lionel Messi in which he played in the first part of the game, and another of the Brazilian Paulinho in the discount, in which they have given the victory to Barcelona 2-0 against Athletic Bilbao in the game held in the Santander League that has been played in San Mamés.


The Argentinean player scored the first goal in the 36th minute to finish off a cross from Jordi Alba from the left wing, in a play that started Messi himself, and the Brazilian the second in the 91st picking up in the area a ball rejected from kepa to shot of Messi.


On the other hand at Athletic Bilbao, it was seen that in the first half he had a clear goal in the 19th minute in a one-on-one between Aduriz and the rival’s goalkeeper. Having solved this by the German goalkeeper, he was able to score in a shot to the crossbar of Raúl García, and in a header from Aduriz stopped in a great intervention by the goalkeeper.

Ter Stegen and Messi rescue Barcelona

Barcelona and their coach Valverde also know how to win without shine. If the goalkeeper and the star of the teamwork, you can conquer even the most complicated field like San Mamés. Goalkeeper Ter Stegen appeared to save three clear goals from the opponent. And the Argentine did not miss the goal. It is true that in the game many mistakes that could be paid expensive were witnessed. But with the goal of Paulinho in the discount, he put on a game in which he suffered more than he says on the scoreboard.

Also, in summary, it is described that first Semedo hands were presented in the area, but it does not seem to give and also had them stuck to the body. But it was the incentive for the stands to warm up and disconcerted Barçelona. Thank God Aduriz ran into Ter Stegen. First with a header totally free of the brand, the central clueless, which managed to save the German goalkeeper in two times. It was in the 18th minute and in the next action, Jordi Alba broke the offside badly and led Aduriz’s hand to hand with a spectacular Ter Stegen. Incredible as it was not the goal.

As incredible as Messi did not score a goal in the quick response of the Catalans. Paulinho saw Suarez, and he shined Kepa Argentina but was running out of hollow, the ball went to the right and with the legless good the ball went to the post. A ninth of Leo so far this season. At least, the very clear occasion of Barçelona served to cool the mood and little by little it was done in the team with the control of the game.


To finish these two great teams, Barcelona and Bilbao’s athletic team continue to offer great games, we know they can be defeated, but come on, they will give their best effort, and it will be a day that you will never be able to erase from your mind. They will be part of your memories, which you can share if you are accompanied, by your partner or family. So if you want to revive the passion for football use this option when buying your tickets, do it online, always provide guaranteed security.


Prepare your shirt and support your favorite team, give encouragement and be present when they make a goal, it is the best feeling that can exist because this is what only true football fans do.


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