FC Barcelona Vs Murcia, Start Of Copa Del Rey



Relive the passion of football with the 114th edition of the King’s Cup of competition in Spain, so you must enter the authorized websites to buy the tickets online and live the excitement of witnessing a Barcelona FC match disputing the eliminatory number 32 of this great competition that is lived every year.

Party Incidents

The score was opened by Alcácer for Barcelona FC through a measured Deulofeu center that heads off the striker from Santomè’s reach for the 1-0 against Real Murcia, an intense, high-pressure game, although with some problems Barcelona FC had some clear arrivals to the opposite area but could not define.

After 52 minutes, Deulofeu dribbled several defenders into the area and beat the goal of Murcia to put the score 2-0 in favor of Barcelona FC, to complement the result and go comfortably with the victory already secured, notes the third both the debutant Arnaiz, who started from the left to approach the area and finish to beat Santomè one more time.

During the remaining minutes it was evident the dominance of Barcelona FC before the Murcia team that saw no alternatives nor found the necessary game that would allow at least score a goal, then with just a few minutes to finish the game, Barcelona FC made some changes, entered Rakitic, Sergi Roberto, Armando, and Cucurella.

The victory had Barcelona FC clearly in their hands a few minutes after finishing the match, there was nothing else to do for the team of Murcia, so the match ended with a large result of 3-0 in favor of Barcelona imposed as a visitor against Real Murcia.

The Barcelona Fanatics For This Match Against Real Murcia

The fans at all times follow Barcelona FC, in the different championships played in Europe, so thousands of them entered the authorized websites that were available to buy the tickets online before the match and thus be able to move to the new condominium of Murcia and witness the great game played by the King’s Cup.

Confirmed Alignments of Real Murcia

The team of José Morales had the following players for this game, Santomè in the archery, Escribano, Pedro Orfila, Alex Ortiz and Juanra, in the defenses, Mateos, Nadjib, Llorente, Jordan Dominguez and Abel Molijnero in the midfield, and at the tip as forwarding Eladu with a 4-1-4-1 formation.

Confirmed Alignments Of FC Barcelona

The Barcelona FC team led by Ernesto Valverde had the following players, Cillessen in the goal, Digne Vermaelen, Nelson Semedo and Mascherano, in the defensive lines, Denis Suarez, André Gomes and Aleña, Arnaiz, Paco Alcacer and Deulofeu in the front , with a 4-3-3 formation, in this way they would play Barcelona FC.

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