Worst players of FC Barcelona



Absolutely nothing in this life is perfect, you can make mistakes and also rectify. Barcelona FC in their history as a club has had players who have been a fraud and apart disappointing, and this time we will make a top 5 of the worst players that have had the Catalan set

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Based on performance and adaptation to Barcelona FC was a countdown of the most disappointing players in the team’s most recent history. Then the count:

In the fifth position the Frenchman Emmanuel Petit

A good example, in this case, is that of the French, who after leaving the world champion as a key part of his absolute selection, came to Barcelona FC in 2000 and after his poor performance, and not fit the club hard a few months almost nor a year, for this reason, the team culé got rid of their services.

In the fourth position, we consider the Portuguese Ricardo Quaresma

For the year 2004, the Portuguese came from being a champion of the Eurocopa with his selection. After actions in that competition, FC Barcelona signed the footballer to strengthen the ocean, but the reality was another. It was a single season with the Culé, with a sad and opaque balance why it did not get to congenial with Rijkaard or Ten cases. In the camp Nou lived a series of dark episodes that marked his trajectory, including an ankle injury that sent him to the operating room that took him out of the team and transferred to the port for 20 million euros.

In the third position is the Argentine Maxi López

This player is considered the worst signing that has had FC Barcelona, ​​River Plate ex soccer player was transferred to the team for 6.5 million euros. In Barça played 19 games and only made two goals, one in the League and another in the Champions League. López did not leave a good image at Barcelona FC and only had two seasons.

In the second stay is the Argentine Juan Pablo Sorin

The stage of this player in Barcelona FC did not stand out, especially because of a large number of injuries, which placed him on the bench. In addition to this, the team was not at its best where they were waiting for their last day to enter European competitions. Between the physical impediments of the player and the little effectiveness at that time of the Catalan club made of this transfer something controversial and disappointing.

Already going through the countdown we arrive at the first place and it is for Juan Román Riquelme

The Argentine signed with Barcelona FC who arrived at the “successor of Maradona” and a change of coach and game system in the field ended by marginalizing the team. A single season lasted Riquelme with the club, because his game and tactics never convinced the Dutch coach Van Gaal, so much so that it is said that the Argentine was even battered by Barcelona FC that forced him to play in a non-characteristic way as the Argentine used to. Considered by many as one of the worst signings in the history of the Catalan club.

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