Top coaches in the history of FC Barcelona



The Spanish team FC Barcelona has been characterized by its games, victories and great players and to be one of the best clubs in the world. Therefore, thanks also to their technical directors the Culé have obtained many drinks both in the League and in Europe. Are you a fan of Barcelona? Then do not stop buying tickets Online

Next, we will make a top 5 of the best technical directors who have passed for the best club in the world Barcelona FC.

In the countdown of this top 5, we have of fifth place to Cesar Luis Menotti (1983-1984)

This Argentine coach has the merit of having recovered the rondo and the elegance in the game of Barcelona FC where he implanted his philosophy to the highest. The Barça team has always been extremely proud that this technician has served their ranks.

Menotti achieved with FC Barcelona: 73 official matches, 40 wins, 136 goals in favor, 73 goals against and 3 titles. In addition 1 Copa del Rey, (1982-1983), 1 League Cup (1982-1983), 1 Spanish Super Cup (1983).

In the fourth box, we find: Louis Van Gaal

The offensive game in the Dutch squad dazzled Europe and the legacy of that team earned Van Gaal embark on one of the greatest remnants of his years as a coach. After his successful passing through the Amsterdam ensemble, Van Gaal accepted the challenge of making Johan Cruyff forgetting the helm of Barcelona FC in 1997-2000.

The coach achieved with Barça two leagues (1998-1999) and a Copa del Rey (1998), and a Super Cup of Europe (1997), thus highlighting the legacy of Barcelona to the highest at that time.

In the third place of the countdown of this top 5 is: Frank Rijkaard

This Dutch coach proved to be very open and communicative with his collaborators and players. His footballing philosophy consisted clearly in the Dutch school, characterized by the taste of offensive football and the importance of pressure and game of bands. Very good at defensive tactics too. Rijkaard managed to successfully win Barcelona FC 2 Ligas (2004-2005) (2005-2006), 2 Supercopas (2005-2006) 1 Champions League (2005-2006).



In the second place of the countdown, we find: Johan Cruyff

This technical director of Dutch origin is one of the most famous that has passed through FC Barcelona, ​​due to its strong character and very well defined ideas. He is also known as the “revolutionary” coach because he changed his face completely to the club bluegrana. On May 4, 1988, the then president of Barca Josep Núñez announced the signing of Cruyff as a coach, from here the Spanish club everything they proposed were getting it. With the Dutchman Barcelona FC won: 1 Copa del Rey (1990), 4 Leagues (1991, 1992, 1993,1994), 3 Supercopas (1991, 1992, 1994), 1 Cup Winners’ Cup (1989). 1 European Cup (1992), 1 European Super Cup (1992).

First place is Pep Guardiola

This coach is also a famous who has been in the ranks of Barcelona FC, because in his beginnings with this club, could not be more successful, as he managed to win the triplet (League, Cup and Champions League), a feat that no Spanish team had previously achieved in football history and became the fifth European team to achieve it (PSV, Manchester United, Ajax and Celtic).

The Barcelona with “Pep” won: 1 Copa del Rey (2009), 3 Leagues (2009,2010,2011), 3 Spanish Supercups ((2009, 2010, 2011), 2 Leagues of champions (2009, 2011), 2 Super Cup of Europe (2009,2011), Club World Cup (2009, 2001).

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