The possible departures of FC Barcelona



As is usual in the world of football, all teams have their ups and downs, and obviously, Barcelona FC also has their own. It has been known of signings that have been stagnant and have not materialized, as well as possible losses for this coming season.

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Barcelona FC has to close almost in an emergency the outputs of several of their players, among them, are Arda Turan, André Gomes, and Munir. The teams that are most interested in them and that offer more money are European Leagues and their markets conclude in August, as it does not appear that any Spanish club intends to assume their signings and transfers.

Refusal to Juventus

Barcelona FC has rejected the offers that have presented Juventus Turin by André Gomes. The Rossoneri club first asked for the transfer of the player, but the Catalans indicated that they wanted a sale or at most a session with a safe purchase option.

The second offer made by the Italian club was an assignment with a purchase option whose value will depend on a series of slopes. On the part of the Spaniards, this offer was rejected. Barcelona FC wants to do business, make a profit for the player to be able to assume the cost of other operations.

The Italian club how interested in Gomez could make the Barcelona another offer of purchase, although with so many “buts” does not seem to materialize. The Barcelona FC club wants to sell the Portuguese footballer and is looking for interested clubs. For this reason, a meeting was held in Barcelona with Jorge Mendes, which has not yielded any results to date.

Barcelona FC ask 45 million to negotiate

In summer Mendes transferred an offer to the club of this amount, which however was rejected. At that time, the Technical Secretariat is considered nontransferable to Portuguese. The situation has changed 260. The club needs capital to deal with other businesses and Valverde has not bet on him after seeing how the preseason has gone. His contribution in the Super Cup against Madrid also did not attribute.

Barcelona FC has that problem currently no one offers that amount. The midfielder has a market and there are sets that are willing to cancel a transfer for the player, but they do not reach what the Catalans want. According to some English media, ensure that one of the possible destination of the Portuguese will be West Ham.

The case of Arda and Munir

The exit book is a challenge for Barcelona FC and there are some really complicated cases as is the case of Arda Turan who does not have offers that meet the demands of Barca. It seems that the fate of this Turkish player will not be a Spanish team. Galatasaray has time pretending to the player but as yielded and sharing part of the chip.

On the other hand, Barcelona FC has Munir, which of the three is the best market has, can be very close to Italian club el Torino. On the other hand, this Vermaelen, another soccer player who takes all summer as a record, will remain as central quarter in the Valverde squad.

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