Conflict between FC Barcelona and Liverpool



Due to the interest that has Barcelona FC for one of the players of the English club Liverpool, the latter sent a forceful message to the Catalan club which states firmly that they will not sell his star soccer player, who is the Brazilian midfielder Coutinho.

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The Liverpool team has recently sent a statement to Barcelona and to the public at large expressing that it has no intention of selling its key player, the Brazilian Coutinho. That message has nipped in the bud the wave of rumors that this negotiation had generated about the Brazilian crack getting into the Barca team this summer.

“We want to offer clarity regarding our position on a possible transfer of Philippe Coutinho. The final position of the club is that no offer is considered for Phillippe and he will remain a member of Liverpool Football Club when the summer is over “argued the Liverpool leadership.

Liverpool with this statement has made clear its position on the negotiation, stating that the midfielder won’t leave the English club under any circumstances.

The transfer time has passed and in all this time Liverpool has not yielded at all. Barcelona FC in their desperation to improve their squad to face this upcoming season has insisted over and over again in order that the English club will decide once and for all to negotiate the transfer of Coutinho, but so far there is no way. Liverpool is firm in its decision and will not sit at the negotiating table with anyone.

Barcelona FC and their offer for Coutinho

This negotiation has raised more dust than any rally race, because the situation could be considered exasperating when the season is ready for its closure. Nevertheless the club azulgrana still has hopes that at last a miracle happens and manages to convince Liverpool so the signing would be achieved.

It is said that the Barcelona club has offered to Liverpool the millionaire sum of 160 million euros for the Brazilian, but apparently this player is a valuable piece for the English and they don’t want to release him for any reason. The time to look for other alternatives has passed. In the case of Di Maria, it was another option but it also didn’t produce any progress.

Barcelona has been through a hard streak, and not even the PSG has officially announced that he has signed Mbappe, moment that was key to launch by the Argentine.

Liverpool coach JurgenKlopp said: “We still have a very good player on the squad who can play. We will see when the time comes to align him to our season due to his back ailments, but by decision of the team, Coutinho stays with us.” The coach argued.

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