Rivalry between FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid


The clashes between Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona F.C. Are full of historical goals, controversy, rivalry, emotion, and intensity, it is noteworthy that the matches in which both clubs face leave much to talk about being one of the best teams in the league Santander.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, a Rivalry That Continues To Grow

On one occasion they faced Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, for the Champions League of the year 2013-14, this was one of the most momentous games that has been in Spain, without a doubt is one of the rivalries that has grown In recent times, due to the leading role that has been winning the seat mattress.

At the continental level, Atlético De Madrid and Barcelona were in the final stages of the Champions League, both looking for the title of this great sporting event, Barcelona under the hand of Argentine crack Lio Messi, while the Atletico has French striker Griezmann.

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Atletico De Madrid, a Stone in the Shoe for Barcelona

In the Champions League of 2015-16, the Barcelona F.C. and Atletico De Madrid were in the quarterfinals, a regrettable result for the Culé who fell to the mattresses by two to zero, a feat for Atletico, a game of high competitiveness, which at the time Barcelona They snatched the offensive to seal the match with victory mattress.

In that sense, the Barça club had been eliminated from the Champions League, that same year saw the faces on several occasions Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, two in the quarter-finals of the king’s cup in which I won The Barcelona, ​​but the most important series was undoubtedly was when they faced in the quarterfinals of the Champions League and Atletico Madrid got into the semifinals.

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The rivalries that exist between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have undoubtedly created an indelible mark that will last in the history of Spanish football matches full of great emotion and intensity, tension and competitiveness when you see the faces Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

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