Coutinho: A failed signing for Barcelona?


After the official signing of Ousmane Dembélé, the F. C. Barcelona’s attention was focused on Liverpool Brazilian player Philippe Coutinho. However, the English club is not making it easy for the player to get out. The truth is that Coutinho himself wants to play the Camp Nou, as well as his fans, who do not hesitate to buy tickets online to watch him play with the boat.

The future of the Brazilian player

Philippe Coutinho is just a few days away from knowing which team he will finally be playing for this season, although in Liverpool or if he will change the airs to reinforce a FC Barcelona that hopes to be able to close the footballer’s contract before the end of the month.

Coutinho’s pressure to be transferred to Barcelona seems to have taken effect, so the English club would be prepared to transfer the midfielder to Barcelona, provided that the financial constraints imposed by the Red Club are met.

The possible bad relationship between Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and Coutinho himself after the rumours about his departure and the German’s refusal to let the player go, despite the Brazilian’s wishes, could be one of the reasons why Liverpool had finally agreed to negotiate the player’s transfer.

Last days in the transfer market

With only a few days left before the transfer market closes, Red Team is ready to negotiate the departure of Coutinho as long as the azulgrana meets Liverpool’s economic interests.

The Brazilian is the great goal of FC Barcelona, and after a summer of unsuccessful attempts to make his move now Liverpool has given his arm to twist and will agree to negotiate for his star player.

The truth is that in the last few days there seems to have been a contact between the two clubs that invites optimism to the azulgrana management to make the arrival of the footballer a reality.

In such a short period of time, the technical secretariat is optimistic about facing the decisive phase of the negotiation. Barcelona will have to pay a lot of money, just like Dembele. According to the English press, Coutinho’s takeover will also amount to around €150 million.


The famous Barcelona’s ally

The azulgrana team has found a powerful ally to get once and for all that Liverpool decide to sell Philippe Coutinho. We’re talking about LeBron James, the famous NBA Cleveland Cavaliers player.

The NBA player became a shareholder of Liverpool in 2011 and according to the British press, has asked the group owner of the English team to conduct negotiations for Coutinho with FC Barcelona and thus facilitate their exit.

All that remains to do is wait for his signing to become official so that fans can buy tickets online and enjoy a Coutihno dressed in the “azulgrana” shirt.


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