Summary of Joan Gamper 2017, FC Barcelona vs Chapecoense



The Joan Gamper this year was between FC Barcelona vs los chapecoense, where the boat in 5-0, in summary of the match all started in favor of FC Barcelona when in the 5th minute manages to score Deulofeu the first goal of the match, continue the game and in a matter of time in the minute 11 is marked a goal of Busquets what becomes second goal of the boat, apparently Barcelona had the domain of the whole field, in the 18th minute again score goal the boat, but this time made by the great Messi, in the 34th minute of the match Messi makes a pass to Suarez, had everything in favor but the fault what was to become the fourth goal of barca, in the 45th minute the goalkeeper Elías makes a tremendous cover which would be a goal of Suarez, continues the game and Luis Suarez managed to get his way, when 55 minutes scored Gol, Suarez did not rest until the fourth goal out of it, continues attacking Barcelona and in the 74th minute he scores the fifth and last goal of the match Denis Suarez, an excellent party that could enjoy the fans that supported when they got to buy tickets online.

The Joan Gamper a tribute

The joan gamper no. 52 played in the camp nou changed his approach, which was to show his new signings in the field to make it the homage to the Chapecoense, after the aerial tragedy that had the Brazilians of the club on 28 November when they would say to Colombia to play the South American Cup final, in that accident almost all of the squad of the team died. And it was the camp that received the Chapecoense to pay tribute to the 71 Brazilians who lost their lives on the road to the South American Cup where only 3 survived, Alan Ruschel, Jakson Ragnan Follman and Helio Hermito Nieto. Alan Ruschel, a 27-year-old captain of the team and survivor of the tragic accident jumped into the field after 7 months of recovery. The Brazilians wore a uniform designed for the occasion which was white with 73 green stars.


Chapecoense is a Brazilian soccer club, also known as Eternal Champion, Chape, Chapeterror, and Equipo del Corazón. Throughout its history, Chapecoense has won five state tournaments, currently 44 years old. In 2015 he made his debut in the South American Cup, bequeathing in that opportunity until the quarterfinals where he was defeated by the River Plate (Argentine team), but the following year he was also given the opportunity to go and this time they arrived to the final, but could not play the last game due to the plane crash and what happened the rival team made the request that it was for Chapecoense and CONMEBOL granted the international title, you can buy tickets online and do not miss the details of the soccer

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