What will FC Barcelona do with its players?


Either because they did not enter into the coach’s plans or to accumulate more minutes of play, Barcelona FC ceded some players from its team. Let’s see now what happens to them while you can buy your tickets online and enjoy a great season.

Players and their current situation

Douglas Pereira

He joins Barcelona FC in August 26, 2014 and signed a deal with the team culé until 2019. In August 26, 2016, the Barca team gives the Brazilian footballer to Real Sporting de Guijon for what was the season 2016 – 2017. We have realized that he has done so well and that he has received offers to return to Brazil, although he is also very likely to be transferred to another European team.

Munir El Haddadi

From the youths and through Barça, Munir El Haddadi showed great performance and discipline on the field until he finally reached the first division of Barcelona FC making his debut in August, 24, 2014. The defender was ceded to Valencia CF in August, 30, 2016 with option to purchase for about 12 million euros.

However, the performance of the Spanish – Moroccan did not leave a good taste to the team and now they are having a great time deciding whether or not to sign him. On the other hand, the culé team recognizes that he is a good player and that he has a lot to give but he still lacks experience to belong to its squad.

Cristian Tello

The Spanish Cristian Tello debuted with the first division of FC Barcelona in January 28, 2012 demonstrating an excellent performance in the team. Then for the season 2015-02016 Barcelona FC yields Tello to Fiorentina. The Italian team has been pleased with his participation and would like to have is participation again. Until this point everything depends on the team culé, therefore, it is probable that this is one of the signings that the team takes back.

Thomas Vermaelen

After having a long participation in Arsenal, the Belgian arrives at Barcelona FC for the season of 2014 – 2015 having some stumbling in his participation due to injuries. Later, in August 8, 2016, he was loaned to AS Roma with a purchase option. For now it is mentioned that he will return to the Azulgrana selection, therefore, still has a contract signed until 2019.

Sergi Samper

Begins to play with the first team in the preseason 2014-2015. After several meetings manages to formalize his place in the first division in July, 2016 and in August of that same year is announced his cession to Granada for what would be the 2016- 2017. He will return to the preparation with FC Barcelona but depending on his performance will make the decision to return or if necessary to give it back.

Barcelona FC preparations

Recognized as one of the best European teams, Barcelona FC have demonstrated on the field and that only means that they are very careful when choosing who will count in their lineups. Their fans also show a lot of dedication to their team and always want to be there supporting them when they buy their tickets online.

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