Knowing FC Barcelona’s stadium, the Camp Nou.


The stadium of the Spanish team is one of the best known and most visited in Europe and perhaps the world, because it is where a great game, with the best players of the world gathered, being the perfect stage for a football show. That’s why everyone prefers to buy FC Barcelona tickets online.

The Camp Nou located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. It has a capacity of almost 100 thousand spectators. It has had some remodeling that has taken to have capacity of 120,000 in its maximum capacity.

A 5 stars stadium, where not only people watch football, but also one of the main touristic places in the city of Barcelona.

Inside, it has a museum, and inside the showcases are the crowns, titles, awards, and all kinds of prizes that has obtained the club azulgrana throughout its history.

A little more than 50 years since its inauguration, there is a project of remodeling for the stadium, directed by an office of architects, which seeks to maintain the image and essence of the stadium, creating new attractions with a modern touch.

Football fans or not, visit FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou to see its architecture, form, beauty and witness the history contained, attending buying the tickets online from the official website.

The Barcelona stadium has witnessed great football matches, from friendly matches, charity matches, Champions League, Super Cup, Olympic Games, Euro Cup, to World Cup matches. A complete stadium and up for any compromise requested.

It has also witnessed great figures in football, who have won the fans with their quality game and giving the club and history Barca titles.

The Camp Nou is a very attractive stadium in Europe and the world for its ability, and also for its incredible mosaics in most of its games, where it is already normal the fans feel part of it supporting the team by simply showing pieces of paper.

It is possible that the Nou Camp will attend more tourists, from other states and countries than the same ones of the city, and this is due to the history and transcendence of the FC Barcelona football world-wide.

The Barça colors dominate the colorful stage, who has marked in his gallery after the main a phrase that distinguishes the club: “More than a club” and it is because FC Barcelona is not only a football club but it also develops other parts of life on a social level.

FC Barcelona is one of the most well-known teams in the world, and has fans who wear the shirt wherever they are.

Going to Spain and Barcelona is going to visit the Camp Nou, it is an incomparable experience which brings many positive feelings, and you can buy the tickets online from the official site or the authorized websites.

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