FC Barcelona vs PSG last matches.


Tears, applauses and even miracles have marked the games between FC Barcelona and PSG. They are two teams that have found in the way to dispute the advance in the search of a title. As well as these teams get great support from their fans who are going to buy tickets online for their matches.

There have been several opportunities where the Parisian team and the Spanish side have been faced to fight for the position of the Champions League, it is nothing new to see a match Barcelona vs. PSG.

The best encounters

In the season 2012-2013 both teams faced in the quarterfinals of the Champions league, where the teams were matched in 2 opportunities in April, 2, to 2 goals and in April, 10 tied 1-1.

Later for the season 2014, they faced again in 2 opportunities where each one obtained to accredit a victory. The PSG defeated Barcelona 3-2 in September, 30 then the Catalan team revenge in December, 10 with 3 – 1.

In 2015, Barcelona were able to show their strength with Neymar and Luis Suarez, who were crowned the scorers of the match, while Jeremy Mathieu scored a goal for Paris in the 82nd minute.

Last season

The 2016-2017 was full of surprises, feats and luck, because again PSG and FC Barcelona would meet in the first to define who gave the best football and progressed in the qualifying table.

The first match for the current rivals occurred in France, where luck did not accompany the Blaugrana and PSG without any mercy bleached the score of their opponents 4-0.

For the second encounter between the teams, there was a lot of pressure on the Catalan team, it was almost a sudden death, after the defeat to the first match were almost completely eliminated. As they had to reach at least 4 goals to stay in the fight.

Something that in the history of the league no team had achieved. Well everyone expected in Paris the elimination of Barcelona as it seemed impossible to come back from the team.

More a miracle was present at the Camp Nou, miracle led by Neymar who that night gave everything for the whole to capitalize the victory. Suarez opened the scoring with 3 minutes of play to put the Barca to win 1-0.

Barcelona managed to increase the score 3-0, more still needed more scoring, something that seemed impossible with only 3 minutes to finish the time regulation. But Neymar arrived to win the Catalans 5 goals per 1.

The most impressive thing was that thanks to a Neymar pass in the 94th minute, Sergio Roberto appears to score the goal number 6 and change the history of football, classifying FC Barcelona and beating PSG.

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