Barcelona’s interest in a Totteham player, Ericksen.


We are more people who are interested in the negotiations that the teams make to improve their performance on the field, and that is a really good thing because it shows that we are not only waiting to buy the tickets online to go watch the games, but beyond that, it interests us that our team win the titles for which it fights so that they continue making history.

Once again we have to talk about Tottenham and what it is doing to improve the club.

Christian Ericksen

Among the many agreements that Tottenham have made for their players throughout history, the turn of game is for Ericksen, a player who plays very well on the field as a midfielder. Until the moment, Christian Ericksen has only worked for two professional teams: the A. F. C. Ajax and the Tottenham, thing that is very curious because the Barcelona normally takes the talents when they are hot off the press but it seems that for Ericksen this is a blast of luck.

Good sums

Perhaps what most has caught the attention of FC Barcelona about this midfielder are the sums of goals and assists he has so far made known to the world, we talked about more than 10 goals and more than 18 assists (normal sums for the defense, not for the offensive). Ericksen seems to be happy to have achieved this during a little more than 3 years of professional club competition, because if we inquire a little more, like many footballers his career has been climbing slowly but stepping.


The Danish midfielder has shown a lot of humility in his words, hopefully when he starts participating in FC Barcelona the “ego” will not go to his head and maintain that good attitude that may greatly influence his future achievements… but hey, he is not humble when it comes to kicking the ball in the stadium, we believe that duality in a footballer is fundamental to connect with the other team members and fans.

Ernesto Valverde

Perhaps the initial dream of Christian Ericksen was to work at FC Barcelona under the training of Luis Enrique, but he must also notice that Luis Enrique did not give him the opportunity to work in one of the most envied teams in history, for that his gratitude should always be directed to Ernesto Valverde, because it is not only that he will play in the Barca but will learn and grow alongside the greats of the Barca, the great ones of the world.

On the other hand, Tottenham let one of the good guys from its team leave, maybe it is because they have in mind a better character, however, do not worry so much so that we run to buy tickets online and shout goal in the next match.

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