Cillessen: spare parts in Barcelona


“Jacobus Antonius Peter Cillessen” better known as “Jasper” is a Dutch player with a concise and solid record of accomplishment in the world of soccer. It is unknown much of his preparation during childhood but if Barcelona FC has put his eye is because the boy has talent, especially in these times when the club is trying at all costs to obtain the titles that proclaim the best team in the world.

Cillessen has gone through a quartet of teams, the biggest of which was Ajax; let us see why Barcelona FC wants it in their ranks:

Nothing at home

Although it seems unusual, none of the goalkeepers at home qualified for the upcoming seasons, even Barcelona FC has given statements that it was practically mandatory to have to go for a walk in the lake to see that it could be fished. It is important to clarify that this happened last year (specifically in the month of August) because many could say that of course there is talent at home, but remember that we are not the most indicated to say.


The position of goalkeeper is perhaps one of the most complex and important that a team has, it is no more than what are the “keeper knows how to do”, but “how it does it” and then simply on several occasions. Barcelona FC had noticed As Jasper left his heart and talent on the pitch, exposing his personality to the world and showing that he cared nothing more than doing his job well, and as we know Barcelona FC cannot resist something like this.

Without protagonism

Jasper might have had all his looks on Ajax or on the other teams, he worked on, but Barcelona FC is not like that because there is another goalkeeper who is the main one to refer to him in some way. We consider that Jasper has no problem with this because throughout his career he has demonstrated … and if he will demonstrate an attitude of pride or haughtiness, perhaps that would truncate the path that until now seems very promising.

Open doors

For Jasper, the fact of working for Barcelona FC opens as many doors as he imagines, he was lucky to be chosen by the club even though many thought they could have chosen others. Working at Barcelona FC is a kind of seal of a company or an important organization; he changed his life from now on, now it is only up to him to keep the pathways well marked or to erase it with his own footprints.

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