It is rumored that Neymar Jr leaves FC Barcelona

It is possible that Neymar Jr could be in what would be his last season being player of FC Barcelona. The great soccer player of Brazilian origin has not started well in FC Barcelona, ​​and there is already different media that, through the dialogues, affirm that Neymar will continue playing at FC Barcelona in 2018.

The player is aware of his great quality as a player, but it is difficult to find something that prolongs his continuity in the team as it is offered to Leo Messi and Luis Suárez.

FC Barcelona could be reconsidering in regards to his departure. If they were to sell in the summer market in 2018, they could see an income of 120 to 130 million euros, a very high figure, which could allow him to strengthen the workforce. Likewise, there are players that are exploding in recent years and could replace Neymar. It is unquestionable the Brazilian has a special amount, nevertheless, on many occasions, FC Barcelona requires the determined Neymar of the Brazil National Team, who is much more than a player with great talent.

The match against PSG, in which FC Barcelona managed to go back on track from the devastating result of the first match, this would be a clear example of Neymar needed by FC Barcelona this season. The player’s wild card could be summed up for only one more year, however everything will depend equally on the new coach of the team, and what he thinks about the players, however the Brazilian player is considered indisputable over the course of this summer.

Manchester United and City, very attentive to Neymar

Although Neymar Jr renewed his contract with FC Barcelona in October last year until June 2021, it is still not certain that he will continue to wear the team shirt. Although the Daily Express newspaper, which stresses the great interest of the Manchester United and Manchester City to be able to sign the Brazilian crack, so much so that they are willing to offer about 120 million euros, a figure that is far from the 20 “kilos” in which they are established in their clause of recession.

The newspaper said that Neymar’s father could already have met with the leaders of the two English clubs, taking into consideration that it would become a positive step for his son. Who would have more prominence, than he has today in The Camp Nou, where he is currently in the shadow of Leo Messi, which is something that does not really intend to change while the talented Argentine remains in the city.

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