After several seasons it is possible the return of Deulofeu to Barcelona FC

Sometimes we do not understand very well if all the players make their own decisions or are simply controlled by a club due to the movements of money generated by their talent. In any case what we can affirm is that there is a latent passion in each of them, and although the players sympathize with a team, they will always want to be on a court doing whatever it is but there. Let us see what happened with Deulofeu at Barcelona FC:

When did you leave Barcelona FC?

Deulofeu most of the time has worked for Barcelona FC, even his whole childhood and part of his youth dedicated to this team which means that there was never a total separation between him and the team, something different happened and unusual that more We will clarify further. Deulofeu develops in the extreme right of the field and until now he was but a talent put in reserve, but apparently, his moment of shining has arrived, and for a moment.

Other equipment

As we mentioned there has never been a total separation between Deulofeu and Barcelona FC, in 2013 the Barça club gave it to Everton FC, in 2014 to Sevilla, and this year to AC Milan but only until the end of the season. which Indications that this end can play very soon with Barcelona FC; Deulofeu is likely to become another player that drives us to buy the tickets online and will also be key to make us scream very loudly from the stands.


Gerard Deulofeu in spite of his youth (23 years) has shown a firm character, it is not easy for a player to devote his whole life to a club and that said club all he has done is give it to others. It is precisely that that he has formed and what has led him to have a pleasant profile not only against Barcelona FC currently but also before each one of the teams that have passed, for us it could be a rather complicated situation but for Deulofeu already it is customary and above all experience.


All that we have been mentioning about Deulofeu boils down to an impressive opportunity that appears at the end of the road: playing with Leo Messi, Neymar or Luis Suárez is the dream of hundreds of players (even those of opposing teams) an opportunity that without Doubt is very close to Deulofeu. now, he might regret having missed this for a long time or he could simply rejoice because his best seasons are coming.

Whatever the situation with Deulofeu we will be waiting to buy the tickets online to see Barcelona FC play, and best of all is that once again we will be with the people we love enjoying the best sport in the world.

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