Game FC Barcelona vs Eibar

FC Barcelona emerged triumphant in the Camp Nou, in their clash against the Eibar party this Sunday, in the latest of LaLiga, but that wasn’t enough to keep the title in Spain and cheer fans who like to see FC Barcelona to buy tickets online.

June in his archery, Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi by penalties, obtained the advantage in the second half on the double by Inui. Despite this, the triumph of Real Madrid in the rose garden, leaving the League Championship at the foot of the capital group.

At the end of the first half at Camp Nou, FC Barcelona needed four goals in two fields in order to be a champion; two to the Eibar, who had advanced through Inui around seven minutes, and two others in Malaga, where the Madrid was in the advantage by Cristiano Ronaldo at the start of the confrontation.

The moment seemed to be impossible. And it thus remained so since the guided by Zinedine Zidane did not give them the opportunity for some surprise. A big problem for FC Barcelona was that the Eibar was not the Condal city walk. Being far away from those thoughts, Inui was able to make a goal in the first part and thus increase its advantage for the Basques.

In those moments the hopelessness of FC Barcelona was increasing, June scoring a goal in his archery, making Catalan miracle you got a chance to be. The referee also seemed to support the cause to sing two penalties after a Miss supposedly made about Jordi Alba in the area, but Yoel could stop Messi shot.

The “MSN” was getting tired of failing on multiple occasions, but two touchdowns upgraded an unexpected twist to the game. Suarez could push to the network a detour by Alcácer and Messi would not fail in the second chance of the maximum penalty at night. The altercation by the expulsion of Cappa before the 3-2 ended with the hopes of the Eibar, which had to comply with to give you a good scare to FC Barcelona. The 4-2 made by Messi only decorated the result as such.

Total shots 18 shots at Gate 11, passes completed 515, the accuracy of pass 88%, 73%, corners 10, out of 10 play possession, absences granted 3. Total shots 18 shots at Gate 11, rejected shots 1, 14 to the Center, two shots to the right, two shots to the left and with a force of 6% area, passes total 13, within the line of 18 yards 13-0 outside the 18-yard line. A total of attempts to Dodge 29, dribbling completed 13, dribbling performed successfully in the last third of field 7. Defense, turned 0, 13 interceptions, 14 clearances recoveries 62 with 57% accuracy.

Total shots 6, shots at Gate 4, passes completed 128, the accuracy of pass 62%, 27%, four corners, out of game four possession, granted 16 fouls. Shooting total 6, shots at Gate 4, rejected shots 0, 3 Center, 0 shots on the right, three shots to the left and with a force of 17% area, passes total 14, within the line of 18 yards 8 and six outside the 18-yard line. A total of attempts to Dodge 8, completed race 2, race performed successfully in the last third of field 2. Defense, turned 1, 17 interceptions, clearances 38 49 63% precision recovery
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