Result of the game FC Barcelona vs. Osasuna

A few days after the victory of FC Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu, the Catalan team continues to pressure the team of Zinedine Zidane in his fight for the League; fans always expect to enjoy good football in FC Barcelona, that are projected to buy tickets online
The team of Luis Enrique left very active against Osasuna, being acutely aware that at that moment they are on duty of victory at all or encounter missing. Messi started the marker after eleven minutes, and André Gomes expanded the score minutes later.

In the second part the Osasuna shortened the distance with a shot of lack of Roberto Torres, but in a fast way, FC Barcelona would respond. Again André Gomes and Messi mark other two goals. The celebration would be complete when Paco Alcácer scored the fifth, and Javier Mascherano scored from a penalty kick, scoring his first goal using the FC Barcelona shirt and number six for the clubs. Again Alcacee would complete the number seven-goal finally sink completely to Osasuna. Still pressure on Real Madrid, which cannot give the luxury of stumble unless you do not want to give some advantage to tray plant in the League to FC Barcelona.

Total shots 19, shots at gate 9, passes completed 714, precision pass 90%, 77%, corners 10, out of game one possession, absences granted 3. Total shots 19, shots at gate 9, rejected shots 6, 16 to the Center, three shots to the right and with a strength of 32% area, passes total 22, within the line of 18 yards 17-5 outside the 18-yard line. A total of attempts to Dodge 16, dribbling completed 11, dribbling performed successfully in the last third of field 7. Defense, turned 0, six interceptions, four clearances, 63 with 74% accurate recoveries.

Total shots 3, shot at the door 2, passes completed 173, the accuracy of pass 70%, 23%, corners 1, out of game four possession, absences granted 7. Total shots 3, shot at the door 2, rejected shots 0, 2 to the Center, one shooting to the left and with a force of 67% area, passes total 2, within the line of 18 yards 1 and one outside the 18-yard line. A total of attempts to Dodge 10, dribbling completed 4, Dodge made successfully in the last third of the field 1. Defense, turned 6, 18 interceptions, clearances 37 recoveries 49 with 79% accuracy.

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