Result of the game Espanyol vs. FC Barcelona

No one pressured Barcelona to beat Espanyol in the ETS Stadium, but that was the feeling that transmitted the current champion of La Liga since his arrival to the Catalan Derby. Especially after the agonizing goal by Marcelo faced Valencia in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. With Real Madrid earlier victory, the group led by Luis Enrique there could be no luxury leave points on the road, and scores of fans who went to buy tickets online

The game had not started well for FC Barcelona, at the onset of the first half, Sergi Roberto did the trick and withdrew from the party claiming injury. Hardly can we say that there were moments in that first time, among those of José Jurado in five minutes, these being the clearest of them. Little managed the runner-up of the League to finish with zero, a shot from Rakitic from half distance, with a forced header from Sergi Roberto and conclude by Neymar to the visible part of the network.

After the break, all were more fouls than a desire to score, FC Barcelona made eleven, being eight more that the who had logged in the first part when he faced the previous Sunday Real Madrid. The Derby became little exciting, and Diego López and Ter Stegen have not felt it, no shot at archery by two teams in their first 45 minutes. Messi appeared to be locked up, and Luis Suarez was so wandering as in recent matches.

In the second half, after five minutes, the jury decided to test the apparent low level of Suarez. The excellent performance of the Uruguayan abroad managed confirms the lie, which the remains the same and that were simply a few bad games. And when we talk about Messi managed to escape from the prison that was guarded by Quique Sanchez Flores, Rakitic scored the second goal and gave purpose to the mystery of the Derby. When the party was coming to an end, Aarón Martin gave one goal more Suarez, thus ending in 0-3, in the stands as they thought about going to buy tickets online for the next game of FC Barcelona

Shooting total 6, door three shots passes completed 224, the accuracy of pass 70% possession 35%, four corners, out of game 2 and absences granted 19.

FC Barcelona:
Shots total 15, door nine shots, passes completed 529, the accuracy of pass 84%, 65%, five corners, out of game one possession and foul awarded 18.

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