Best FC Barcelona striker

While some love football news, new talents, prospects to win in the football world, others prefer the classic, the discreet and the serene but we prefer the middle ground in all this. The most important thing about this professional football issue is that we do not miss the chance to buy the tickets online for any FC Barcelona match, ​​which is without doubt one of the best teams in the world and has a peculiar selection for the members of the club.

As everyone knows, the best FC Barcelona striker is Leo Messi.

29 years
Leo Messi is only 29 years old and is recognized as the best by everyone who hears and knows what the word football means, his talent was simply what made him so great. Argentina is the birthplace of the champion, Leo Messi grew up close to a ball and what at the beginning of his life was only fun, ended being the profession of his life and although there are still many resentful who do not end up accepting that he is the best forward of the FC Barcelona have to know that with only 29 years is the highest in the world.

We can mention that he has won 5 times the gold ball, the FIFA World Player (in different positions), titles of the top scorer of the Supercopa of Europe, the Supercopa of Spain, the Cup of the King the World-wide of Clubs and many more titles than they do not fit in this section and they possibly cannot fit on a shelf. All the prizes he has won have made him the most admired athlete but also the most envied of all time, it will be very difficult for someone to overcome him above all because his career continues to advance and because FC Barcelona continues having plans for the future.

It’s still a promise
Many think that Messi stopped being a promise many years ago, but it turns out that it is the opposite, this is something that Luis Enrique knew to distinguish and that took full advantage in his days as a coach, hopefully all the next coaches understand very well which means having a man of this caliber in FC Barcelona, ​​even though he is a very good player, that comes down to nothing when he really forgets what he represents.

Received a legacy, leaves a legacy
Leo Messi is part of a country with football history, he received a legacy from great men in his country and even in life is already leaving his own. It is not necessary for him to die to be such an inspiration for children, youth and adults, but since years ago this has been happening. Messi, with flaws and virtues is writing a different history for all the strikers of this planet and even for those who just decide to buy tickets online and go to a stadium to enjoy.

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