Who is the best FC Barcelona midfielder?

It is extremely complex to understand each role on a football team, it is not just about scoring goals, qualifying or stopping, but it is also about leaving a story that dozens of people have built in the past. Yes, it is true, FC Barcelona currently has great players and maybe that’s the reason we decided to buy tickets online every season, but not only is today what matters when we talk about football, yesterday is also important and tomorrow is what matters.

Today, we are going to talk about the profile of the best FC Barcelona midfielder and the great responsibility he has on his shoulders these days, so decide for yourself which one to choose.

Sergio, Denis Suárez, Arda, Iniesta…
As you see, the options are very varied, each of them with different personalities and with a completely different career. Some of them have won important awards and recognitions in their work and are also continually singled out and criticized in the world of football for what they do. However, FC Barcelona is a fortunate team to have this quartet that opens the way to the opportunities for professional growth.

In this season, Sergio scored 12 goals, Denis 3, Arda 15 and Iniesta 55. Headers, shots, touches, left and right at impressive speeds or simple each of the midfielders has shown his talent to the world, some of them have suffered injuries and even when everything seems to be going well for the team are they who are worried about what they are going to do to further boost the Blaugrana team, a job that deserves the admiration of all who know more and those who know less about football.

Sergio has been present 412 throughout the season, Denis 28 times, Arda 52 times and Iniesta has done 611 times. In this sense the appearances of each midfielder were planned by Luis Enrique (who will no longer be the FC Barcelona’s coach), in fact all appearances are fair and have a precise ideal that each player must respect, in this case Iniesta has been privileged with his appearances because in addition it is necessary to remember that it is not only a midfielder but the captain of the team what makes that numbers keep changing.

With the experience you have had buying tickets online and with your attendance to each game in different stadiums you might have noticed that more than titles, goals or appearances, the most important thing for a midfielder is the intellect: that ability to create goal opportunities, to rearrange the team in their positions, to assist the attacks and many more things that come from the mind of each player.
So finally with all this, you decide who the best midfielder of FC Barcelona is. Prove it by buying tickets online!
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