Most regular player of all FC Barcelona seasons

Every year we all as fans see who the most regular FC Barcelona player is, ​​it is easy to do it when we decide to buy tickets online and go to different stadiums to see the performance of the best team in the world, but we have not thought who the most regular player is in all seasons. That is why today we are going to dedicate a whole segment to the man who has done it for 15 consecutive years, so without further introductions we have:

Andres Iniesta
He was born in Spain on May 11, 1984. From a very young age he showed a passion for football and everyone around him knew how to identify him, so he was introduced to the sport in good teams which gave him the necessary training to choose to play professionally.

Iniesta just needed a lucky day to be part of FC Barcelona and effectively had it, the connection was through Albert Benaiges who knew to detect his talent as a midfielder in a national match in which he played in his teens, and time is the one who has given it success.
Iniesta has achieved titles such as:

• World Champion
• World Youth Championship
• European Under-16 Champion
• European Under-19 Champion
• Golden Ball Nominations
• Captain of FC Barcelona
And we could easily make a longer list in which of course we must say that he is the most regular player of all seasons in FC Barcelona. Iniesta has made 611 appearances throughout his career and although he is not the top scorer, he is in third place in that category with 60 goals and continue adding up. And the best of all, he still has a year left on his contract, so he can continue making history.

Many people comment that Andrés Iniesta is going to leave FC Barcelona, ​​where is he headed? Nobody knows exactly but we all hope that after the contract expires until 2018, he can renew it and accompany for a longer time the Blaugrana team, meanwhile we cannot stop showing them support when buying tickets online.

Andres Iniesta is not perfect but he has managed to sympathize with every member of FC Barcelona and not only with the players but also with the technical team and more importantly: with fans. We can say that he is a more mature player who has learned to accept victories and defeats, has understood that football is a box of surprises and a kind of roller coaster that one day keeps you up, happy and shouting and the next day keeps you down, quiet and even sad.


Iniesta is a great example in the world of football and many of us can learn things from him, meanwhile we are going to buy tickets online and scream ¡Visca Barça!

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