Transfer options for the FC Barcelona’s right-back position

Football is really the best sport in the world, deciding to buy tickets online for every FC Barcelona match is worth it when everything seems predictable and even when no one has any idea what will happen. At the moment no one knows exactly who will be the next right-back of the Blaugrana, but there is suspicion.

What are signings?
The signings are a kind of football renewal, something like the eagles do after a few years of life: they break their beaks, pull their wings, rip their nails and hope that everything regenerates to undertake the flight with more force. That is exactly what FC Barcelona is looking for and literally has started to do since Luis Enrique made the decision to leave his position as coach, for now, it is only trust that everything regenerates and that the team works harder.

Who is the right back?
For now it is Sergi Roberto who is occupying the right back position, he is one of those who want that the team has a change in this sense, because in fact he is midfielder, and that generally does not have to please him. The signings idea is that in the indicated moment certain players come to give the best of themselves in the field to generate comfort in the whole team; It’s as if we say that the goalkeeper plays as a midfielder… something almost impossible!, of course he would die wanting to have a signing to make the changes as fast as possible.

Urgent fact
FC Barcelona has good positions but is always looking for excellence, the fact is that already realized that a right back is more than necessary to face the new seasons to continue making history, to grow other players and especially to please every one of the fans that in each game decide to buy tickets via online and attend the stadiums to enjoy.

Right time
It is necessary to be very attentive to this election, because sometimes it happens that the player loves football but not the squad and that perhaps can influence in the performance of the player. Let’s suppose Ronaldo is transferred to FC Barcelona, ​​that would be a catastrophe for everyone, but things are not as simple as they seem because there are by means of laws, contracts, federative rights and a lot of rules that are the ones that make possible a change like this. So do not be alarmed, it was just an example.

Now, some of the possible right-backs are:
Roberto Rosales
Mario Gaspar
Ander Capa
Joao Cancelo
Mariano Ferreira.

These are just some of those who have been hovering between the courts and the internet, however, until FC Barcelona does not make the decision will not know if Sergi Roberto can play in the center and be more comfortable. Meanwhile, wait and save money to buy tickets online.
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