FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper best features

Any professional football fan knows that when he decides to buy tickets via online he is showing his support to the whole team, I say this because there are those who are only pleased by the forwards, the midfielders or even worse, the famous players and recognized worldwide. FC Barcelona has a reputation, has very good strikers and midfielders but above we know the whole team is phenomenal and the goalkeeper has an essential role in every match, it could even be said that on him depends the success or failure of all this team.

Let’s see Marc-André Ter Stegen best features

1. – Foot movement
It seems a bit strange to read this, but something that identifies Ter Stegen very well is that he knows the exact moment in which he should use his feet in addition to his hands. On the one hand, it is terrible to have to buy tickets online from FC Barcelona only to see how a goalkeeper loses control completely by not making one or several foot movements, fortunately, the FC Barcelona goalkeeper has very good control of the match thanks to this characteristic and hopefully with their training and effort improve their strategy and technique to raise the team.

2. – Visual intelligence
It would be of no useful for Ter Stegen to capture all the movements of his team and the opposing team and to understand absolutely nothing, so the second of his best features is that: he has visual intelligence. Since the whistle sounds and the players start to kick the ball he identifies the attack of the enemy and the possible plays that can make to score a goal, as well as he analyzes the FC Barcelona plays throughout the field. When this is practiced, the odds of the opposing team dropping by 85% and in turn increasing the probability that their team will be the one to change the board number.

3. – Structure
All players who make the attempt to score a goal at some point lose the correct position of their locations, that’s when Ter Stegen in an extraordinary way gives the team the opportunity to retake their positions to attack the opposing team in the best way. Ter Stegen has been with FC Barcelona for many years and has learned how to guide the other players in many ways, so this year we will see which of them they choose.

4. – Character
None of the above could be valid if the FC Barcelona goalkeeper had no character in the corners, corner shots, free throws or penalty kicks because that’s when all the good performances come together to make this goalkeeper amazing. Ter Stegen has proven his character, and of course, is not perfect and has had great flaws like any good player but many trust his work and how well he does it.
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