Best FC Barcelona defender player

This time we will talk about an exciting point in football: the FC Barcelona defense. For many a team is reduced to nothing without a good defense, and that makes a lot of sense because when it happens, the team is practically at the mercy of the opponent, but not everything is as basic as it seems, football as well as providing fun also provides strategy and there are very few who can realize all the details.

Today’s fans usually buy their tickets online, because in addition to generating comfort, in some occasions generates savings, but the fans of a few decades ago could not do it (and those who could, maybe they were not interested).

For us, the best FC Barcelona defense of all time will be Carles Puyol and as we said before, at the beginning people could not buy their tickets online, but within a few years of his career the whole world and football took a turn.

Carles Puyol also called “La cabellera sagrada”, “Tiburón” “Toro” or “Tarzán” began his football career with FC Barcelona in a crucial year, 1999, ending one story completely and starting another, he worked for the first time in this team at the beginning of a new century, which perhaps influenced his participation in the team, he was so admired and remembered by everyone even today.

For 2006, his career had been marked by several titles that elevated him to the world-wide recognition: Champion of La Liga, Champion of the UEFA Champions League, is the second player of FC Barcelona with more games played in the majority of the World Cup of 2000, he was named part of the best teams of the year in 2012, raised more than 5 Cups the same year and many other facts make him the best defense of FC Barcelona until another prodigy comes and achieves to overcome everything Puyol has achieved .

For many years, Carles left high pressure to the opposing teams, he was firmly and determined to score every goal that in the end make him remember his years in the Blaugrana house with full joy, a player cannot be forever in a team and for that reason, three years ago, it was his time to say “see you later” to all his teammates.

Now, the question is: Who is the heir of the title “best FC Barcelona defender”? From the same Puyol mouth has emerged that the best defense nowadays is Gerard Piqué, comments that some have loved and others has fallen as a bucket of cold water. At the end of the day the history of Barcelona is still being written and only time will continue to count the talents of each player. Meanwhile we will look to buy the tickets via online and enjoy the football to the maximum.Click Here

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