Possible replacements for FC Barcelona’s coach

Football is an expert in giving us surprises, one of the most important and also the most recent is the announcement of Luis Enrique Martinez, FC Barcelona’s coach who just a month ago gave the news that he will not renew his contract to continue directing the Blaugrana, this on one hand it is good for those who aspire to be coaches of the team but it is also bad because maybe it is not the time for FC Barcelona to change its coach, but the cards are already on the table so it only remains to see what happens.

Who will make the decision?
It is not a person in particular, rather it is an executive cabinet that works in favor of FC Barcelona. It should be remembered that just as football is a sport, it is also a company, and every company has to be organized, so a quartet of men (Robert Fernandez, Jordi Mestre, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Albert Soler) are the ones who are burning neurons to decide who to choose as a new coach.

Earlier than later
These types of decisions should usually be taken with a cool head. We assume that Luis Enrique has already talked with his superiors about the retirement, because it is nothing ethical or professional to announce at a press conference a retirement like this, but they almost always do.

On the other hand, Luis’s trajectory, his character and way of working indicate that he had already talked about it before and maybe just for publicity matters is that the world learned this way, but it is clear that it was a decision taken sooner rather than later and maybe the next coach is already chosen.

Who will be the candidates?
It is very likely that the first to be offered the job will take it, an opportunity like this does not reach anyone and football wise men say that there are 4 favorites for the new coaching position, so maybe the 4 executives have to play paper rock or scissors to choose one. In that small list we have:

• Jorge Sampaoli
• Ernesto Valverde
• Jurgen klopp
• Juan Carlos Unzué
The position is falling mainly in Sampaoli or in Valeverde so these two will have to show off their work these next 3 months and cross their fingers so that people can buy FC Barcelona tickets online and especially for the team to continue making history.

As we said before, possibly the new coach is already selected, but we who do not know with clarity how this business works, we will have to be patient and wait for the moment when the new FC Barcelona changes will be announced and see what are they going to do with the whole club in general, as it is rumored that there will also be some changes with the players (i.e. Andrés Iniesta).

For now just say Visca Barca! And let’s enjoy football. Visit this website to buy tickets online fast and easy!

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