FC Barcelona coach Luis Enrique Martínez García, what’s next for him?

Some football fans say that for a good team it is important to have good players, while others say that a good coach is needed because it is not worth it to have a stack of gold and not know how to manage it. Whatever we think, there will always be players and there will always be coaches who need each other, whose teams we are going to buy tickets online to enjoy football. Today we have to talk about Luis Enrique Martínez García.

In Spain and in many places in the world, football is a culture, Luis Enrique also called Lucho, for most of his life he thought of football not only as a sport but as a lifestyle, although he was not as great as a player when compared to Ronaldinho or Maradona, he was a very good player and that experience was what made him to be what he is today: FC Barcelona coach.

Former football player in Real Sporting de Gijón, Real Madrid FC and captain of FC Barcelona, ​​Olympic medalist, part of the FIFA 100 great scorers since the age of eleven… Luis has an exemplary history in which we all hope to continue the good news and the series of titles, prizes and names but, apparently Luis Enrique has other plans.

A little over a month ago in a press conference, the FC Barcelona coach mentioned that he has only three months left, and thank God the reason is not an illness, a dislike, a scandal for fraud or something like that, but simply a retirement of his own free will.

Lucho feels that this is already his time to culminate, let’s see, he began to work for football being a boy and until the year 2008 was that it became the technical director of the Atlètic, making it in the position number 5 in the Second Division B, then in the Second Division A in the number 2 and even better in the First Division all that from 2011 to 2012. Then worked for AS Roma, Celta Vigo until finally he was the official coach of FC Barcelona in August 2014.

The connection that Luis Enrique has had with FC Barcelona is envied by almost all the coaches, he has done a work of excellence that has also had its ups and downs, because if playing football is not so simple, imagine what it means to train a team. However, the whole club told him that they respected his decision but that he should thought everything more calmly, to which Luis replied that he already had everything coldly calculated and that he intends to give his best in these three months that he has left.

Who will be the next coach? Well, we still do not know, what we know is that it will be a great surprise and hopefully it is as good as Luis Enrique was, so we can continue to buy tickets online. If you want to buy tickets online to enjoy FC Barcelona click here

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