Striker Sandro would like to dress as a mattress next season.

Club Atletico Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best teams in the world today, this club together with Barcelona and Real Madrid from the elite of Spanish football. The percentage of tickets buy by fans to see the matches of Atletico is about 80%, meaning that it is one of the largest hobby rates in Europe.

In the last days was announced a possible sanction of FIFA towards Atletico Madrid that prevented the club colchonero from buying players in the next summer market, this ordinance of FIFA did not fall very well for the rojiblanco club that is not slow in protesting against of this regulation.

To counter this sanction of FIFA, Atletico Madrid will follow the example of FC Barcelona when in 2015 was also affected by this rule of FIFA called TAS. Like the Catalan club, Atletico Madrid plans to buy the players to secure the signing but will not register them until January 2018 when FIFA raises the penalty.

Once established the action that the Atleti took, players are managed the club can buy that, one of them is Sandro Ramirez who on several occasions said he would like to dress as a mattress for the next season and according to the online medium MARK and step Medical examination to join Atletico Madrid.

Sandro Ramirez:
Sandro Ramirez was born on July 9, 1995, in La Gran Canaria (Spain), and became known as a professional with FC Barcelona with whom he was trained as a player, that is to say, that he is another born of the massia. He debuted with Barcelona in 2015 and along with Munir El Haddadi would have great appearances that showed his projection to the future.

El Barca does not pay much attention and in 2016 in sold to Malaga, and it is there that it is known in the Santander League, showing a lot of maturities to make a great season and leave big numbers on the equipment. This fabulous season aroused interest in Atletico Madrid by Simeone who hesitated to get the services of the young player.

What would Sandro do before the sanction of FIFA?
Before the penalty of FIFA that affected the Atleti, both Sandro and the club colchonero should look for some alternative to playing. There are three options; one is to buy the player and have him out of the squad until January 2018, the second option is to purchase the player and then transfer it to a club that guarantees you minutes and then bring it back in January.

While the other option and seems to be the one that made is to buy Sandro and leave it in Malaga but having already secured his signing that will be active in the winter market.

Online tickets for Atletico Madrid matches:
Atletico Madrid fans follow the colchonero club through its web portal. The matches of Atletico Madrid are characterized by always have a large number of fans who go to buy tickets to support Atletico, to buy tickets online visit.

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