Possible signing of Atletico Madrid for next season.

Atletico Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best clubs currently in the world and is known as one of the clubs that more followers as they have the best fans of European football. Atletico is one of the Spanish clubs that generate more money thanks to the buy of tickets online by their fans.

It could be said that Atletico Madrid is one of the teams with more history and more successful in recent years, achieving a trophy of trophies of 10 Spanish Leagues, 10 Copa del Rey, 3 Spanish Super Cups, 2 Europa League and 2 Super Cups of Europe.

The great success of Atletico Madrid has turned it into a club with a lot of economic power, and this economic power makes Atletico characterized by buying players of high level always to form a template of luxury that fights for all the competitions.

Atletico Madrid will not be able to buy in this summer market:
Atletico’s online website informed its fans about a sanction to the team by FIFA, this consent states that the Manzanares club will not be able to register or register players in the template for this next summer market, this will be a problem that affects the Club since the current staff of the team urges a replacement.

The action taken by Atletico Madrid to counter this sanction of FIFA will be to do the same as did Barcelona in 2015, the Catalan club is the best example of what should be done in this situation.

As the Barca did, Atletico plans to sign players but not to register them on their roster until January 2018, you have the option of giving the player a signed card to another club and then waiting for the winter marking to be brought back to the player.

Possible signings:
Already defined the action taken by Atletico, are managed names that could land in Madrid for the next season, it should be noted that players who plan to buy must be willing not to play until January unless they are ceded to another club.

Online media like MARCA already affirm that the ex-Barcelona Sandro Ramírez will be the first incorporation of Atletico since already it is said that passed the medical examination of the equipment. Another possible signing that is soon to make is the one of Alexandre Lacazette, the player with which fights with the Borussia Dortmund.

Another rumor is that Atletico Madrid has joined the auction by the Colombian Fredy Guarín that is also intended by Sevilla and Valencia. It is also said that Atletico is interested in the Sevilla Vitolo player.

Find out more about Atletico Madrid:
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