The most outstanding news after the classic Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

It can be said that the matches between Real Madrid vs Barcelona have won the heart of all football fans because match after match these two teams exceed expectations since these games have us accustomed to see quality, excitement and drama. Fans crowded the stadium box office in order to buy their tickets whenever a Spanish classic is approaching.

Last April, 23rd was disputed the second Real Madrid vs Barcelona of the season 2016-2017, which ended up winning Barcelona 3-2 thanks to a great Messi in a dramatic game, possibly the most dramatic classic of recent years.

This match would be played at the Santiago Bernabeu and would have an attendance of 80,978 people, achieving more than 75% in online tickets. Among other things, it can be said that this Real Madrid vs Barcelona left several controversial news or highlights worthy of conversation, such as:

Marcelo hits Messi with his elbow.
In the 20 minute of the game Messi received a hard nudge in the mouth by the Brazilian Marcelo, Messi would lie down and with blood in his mouth that was then covered by a gauze that would have the Argentine until the end of the first part, Messi’s mouth would end up broken and many think that Marcelo had to be expelled by the referee.

Ramos is expelled.
With the game 2-1 in favor of Barcelona, ​​Sergio Ramos makes a hard entrance with two feet ahead on the flea Messi, this move would cost the game to Ramos since he would be expelled. The bad news continued for Real Madrid while Messi returned to be key for Barcelona.

The controversy of this move is that after being expelled, Ramos already with much anger applauded sarcastically and cross some words with Pique. In press conference Ramos said that the applause was not directed to the referee but to the own Pique, since this one spoke much about the referees favoring so much to Real Madrid.

James Rodriguez’ goal
In the 85th minute, with the match down for Real Madrid would appear the Colombian James Rodríguez after a fantastic clear and put the 2-2 on the scoreboard, the fans went crazy with what seemed so far the goal of the league.

In the celebration of the goal, James would run to the bench with a curious gesture that made reference to his mind was still in Real Madrid or something is supposed to mean the Colombian.

Messi’s goal and his controversial celebration.
Everything seemed to end in a 2-2 draw, but in the final minute of the match after a spectacular against from Barcelona, ​​Leonel Messi in a dramatic shot on goal would put the final 3-2. After the goal, Messi was headed towards one of the corners and he would unhook the shirt to show it to Madrid fans who were enraged, here is his controversy.

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