So Juventus reach Cardiff

Juventus qualified for the final of the UEFA Champions League to be played on June 3 in Cardiff. Online portals are expectant that it can make La Vecchia Signora in this party Definitory and is for this reason that all the fans not have resisted buy your tickets quickly to join Italians in one of the best sporting events in the world.

The Italian team has played a highly successful season crowned in Italy Cup, and Serie A. Campus plans to maintain the winning streak and is why a campaign that has prepared the best way to close is the best way and closed with a flourish to the holder in the most prestigious club competition in the world.

A road without complications
The journey from Juventus in this edition of the Champions League has been almost perfect. From the beginning, in the initial phase, the Italian team honored its favorite status by winning their group after gaining four wins, and two draws against Dinamo Zagreb (Croatian), Lyon (France) and Sevilla (Spain).

Later he would touch you face knockout before the Porto team which beat on the global scoreboard three goals 0. Then, in a core of great difficulty that the Turin team was able to bring forward, Juventus would overcome Barcelona with a global outcome identical to that achieved before the Portuguese: 3-0 after a great game at Juventus.

Already in the semi-finals, the Monaco would be the team to beat, and the Italians do not disappoint by winning the series 4-1 against the French on the global scoreboard. In this way, Juventus reach the final of the competition without further complications and without losing any time.

The opposing team
The team that will face the Turin team in the final will be nothing more and nothing less than Real Madrid: Max champion of the tournament with a total of 12 titles. The team from the Spanish capital has also just completed a successful season, and its journey in the Champions League has been equally remarkable losing only a lost on the way to the final in Cardiff.

Italian and Spanish share a record of 8 wins for side and 2 draws. An additional incentive for the teams was, then, the real possibility to tilt this history in their favor that also drives the desire of the fans to buy tickets as soon as possible.

The truth is that the finals of UEFA Champions League this already served to provide high emotions to all lovers of football. The fans already came out to buy their tickets at the ticket office physical and online to be part of the actions and Juventus and Real Madrid are ready to deploy their full potential from the hand of the best players in the World game.

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