Payet says NO to his continuity in West Ham.

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Dimitri Payet.
If we talk about West Ham we have to talk about Payet, Dimitri Payet is a French player who plays for West Ham United and is one of the best players in the Premier League and is also intended for Europe. Payment is known for his great strike and is ranked as one of the best free throw collectors in the world.

Now, after a season of displeasure with West Ham Payet himself has stated that he will no longer play for the London club. This has generated a situation of controversy since neither the club nor the coach Bilic wants to sell to the French.

According to online media Bilic has said “Payet does not want to stay with us, he seeks to leave the club, ” but in the same coach he also stated “we are not going to sell it, this club has given everything, we have always been there for him” “, Will have to see these statements mean as the future of Bilic with the club is also in see.

But the truth is that Dimitri Payet has officially refused to continue playing for West Ham, this action of Payet has warmed up a bit the relationship with the coach, since Bilic has been reluctant to the news and even said “he will not train With us until your attitude changes. ”

What could be the possible destinations of Dimitri Payet?
In his first season with West Ham he scored 12 goals and was named the best player of the year in England, but this season has not yielded enough in the club of London, for this reason, he has declared that he will anger the club in the Next market.

The great performances of Payet with West Ham and the great Europa that I realized with France led him to arouse the interest of great clubs like Barcelona, ​​Manchester United. But the strongest rumor is that of Olympique de Marseille who already many say that has reached an agreement with Payet.

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