New Barcelona’s shirt details.

FC Barcelona is ranked as one of the clubs with more history and renown in Spain and Europe, and is without a doubt one of the clubs with more fans around the world, for every match that FC Barcelona dispute as local achieve highs numbers in online ticket purchases by fans.
The FC Barcelona’s great transcendence in the world causes that all the football fans are always pending of the last news of this club. In the last dates of last season already filtered what would be the new FC Barcelona shirt for the next season, this caused a stir in the followers of the club who soon took an online opinion about this new shirt. Here are some news or details about the new uniform:

What is new in the uniform?
The new FC Barcelona shirt maintains its habitual designer as it is Nike, in this design predominates the habitual colors blue and red whereas the idea of ​​the vertical fringes is maintained as it is a blaugrana tradition. The shorts and socks are completely blue, nothing weird in the Barça uniforms.

The shirt that will wear the Barca players for the next season 2017-2018 seems to have in the center of the chest a new sponsor, as it is the multinational Japan Rakuten who joins the sponsorship Blaugrana.

One of the highlights is that both blue and red are darker than the colors in the uniform of previous years, the shirt will have red stripes in the middle of different sizes that will fade to the sides that will have a color blue, the neck will maintain a golden yellow color as the last seasons.

Many think about the new shirt and say that has an idea somewhat similar to the uniform of the 2012-2013 season, the truth is that Nike seeks with this new design to be innovative and daring but without leaving aside the baroque tradition of the verticals fringes.

Controversies about the new shirt:
The first controversy is that it was not the FC Barcelona website that would announce the new uniform, but it was in several online sites where the news would be made public. The main controversy revolves around the size of the stripes that go in the shirt because they are a little smaller than those of the previous shirts. Many say that this shirt looks a little uneven because the stripes are in different sizes.

Where can we follow FC Barcelona?
Stay abreast of everything related to FC Barcelona by following the club online in their social networks: Facebook and Twitter or visiting their official website online through this portal and follow the current events, know the staff and the players, know how to buy tickets online? click here

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